Brostrend WiFi Extender Setup

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The Brostrend WiFi extender is a powerful device designed with the latest technical features. That works to amplify the existing signals of the router to a great extent with maximized signal strength. Although this extender comes with some easy-to-use setup points, through which you can access its benefits. But, for a successful setup process and use of the network effectively, you need to get familiar with the entire process. So, check out this page’s information precisely to accomplish the process hassle-free.

Benefits Of Brostrend WiFi Extender

Once you get the device at your place, you will have access to a number of lucrative features. Go through these advantages which are listed below.

Better WiFi Coverage

Foremost, the extender works to catch the existing signals and transfer them to the weak internet areas. The cutting-edge features enable the extender to transfer signals throughout every corner and nook of your place. By eliminating the WiFi dead zones.

Easy Setup Processes

Fortunately, there will be no requirement for an expert to make your extender ready to use. As there are several setup processes, all are simple and easy. The WPS process only involves pressing the buttons, whereas the setup window will guide you in the other two approaches.

Increased Signals Strength

Along with that, the extender helps to improve the existing signal strength and make them interruptions-free. In addition, there will be significant stability in the signal transfer. Your networked devices will remain attached to the network without any speed drop.

brostrend wifi extender

Maximized Security Encryption

Last but important, the Brostrend extender enables strong security encryption that makes the network more secure. The WPA2 and WPA3 encryption allows the network to prevent unauthorized users on it. Also, you can make a guest network for external or other users rather than sharing your own network.

Prerequisites For Brostrend WiFi Extender Setup

Before moving to the installation process, try collecting some basic things that you will require during the setup.

  • Your Brostrend extender with its login and other credentials.
  • The existing router with an active internet plan and password.
  • Any device with access to its web browser and app store.
  • An ethernet cable to make a wired connection. (Optional)

Here, we recommend you go through the Brostrend WiFi extender manual guide to know your product’s information. Also, check the login credentials including the username and password, and note them down for the setup process.

WPS Process For Brostrend Extender Setup

As we mentioned above, the WPS process only requires using the WPS buttons from the extender and router. Check and make sure your router is compatible with WPS and able to work properly.

brostrend wps setup
  • Plug in the extender into the power socket and make it connectable by turning it on.
  • Try plugging it closer to the host router so that both devices make a strong connection.
  • Now, press and hold the extender’s WPS button for at least 5 to 7 seconds or till it starts blinking.
  • Later, push the router’s WPS button and wait till it connects with the extender.
  • As you see the solid and stable LED on both, you will be done with the Brostrend WiFi extender setup.
  • Unplug the extender and finally plug it into another socket and in a different location.

Web-Based Setup

In any case, if you fail in the first setup process no matter what the reason is, try another method. This process requires visiting the setup window on the networked device’s web browser. So, take your network-connected device and go to its web browser and search for the default web or IP credential.

Log in to the extender using the accurate username and password and click login. As a consequence, the browser will start showing the setup instructions till the process completion. So, go beyond them and follow them appropriately. Later, choose the network from the wireless network list and extend it by entering its password.

Setup Through App

In the last Brostrend WiFi extender setup, you must launch the Brostrend WiFi app on your Android or iOS mobile. Get your preferred mobile and go to its app store to look for the Brostrend WiFi app. Launch the official one from the list and login in the same way to the web-based method. Here, the app screen will also guide you to complete the setup in the right way. Soon, you succeed in achieving an error-free setup process.

Get Better Performance

After completing the setup process, try making some required changes in the network’s advanced settings. In doing so, you will get improved performance from the extended network. So, access the web management page and change the bandwidth channels and choose the less congested ones. Also, change the network’s SSID name and password to keep it unique and secure.

Get Firmware Updated

Apart from that, check the latest version of your extender firmware if there is any available or not. The updated firmware will improve the network’s performance and remove the technical bugs as well if there are any. Select the file accordingly by choosing the firmware update option under Administration. Download that file on your PC. Execute the firmware upgrading process from the same page.

Thus, this is a detailed guide on the “how do I set up my Brostrend WiFi extender” query, that you can try for your product. However, if you seek more information or have any queries about the process, get in touch with our technical experts.

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