Where To Place WiFi Extender in 2-Story House

Do you own a double-story building? Have you ever thought about where you can settle your extender in the double-story building? If you don’t know that, then don’t worry, this guide will assist you to learn where to place WiFi extender in 2-story house.

Why Does A Two-Story House Require The WiFi Extender?

For a regular router to cover the entire house, a story house is very big. So, using only a router, you can face slow internet speed. When you buy a WiFi extender, it will cover those gaps and you can enjoy the fast speed of the internet. Many users use the WiFi range extenders for their two-story houses to enhance WiFi coverage. However, it takes time to decide- Where to place WiFi extender in 2-story house. So on this page, we will tell you about where you can easily settle your WiFi extender in a 2-story house.

Study Where To Settle Brostrend Extender In 2-Story House

Note: Prior to starting the process, we tell you to verify the current WiFi coverage area of your router. Now, start the process.

Locate Extender Over A High Point

Be sure that every part of your 2-story house has an access to give sufficient WiFi coverage. We tell you that locate your Brostrend extender at a high location. You can either settle it on the upper surface of your first floor and don’t pick so high an area on the second floor. Further doing this, you will enjoy the fast internet speed at all the corners of your office and house.

Keep WiFi Systems Away From Electronic Appliances

Another thing you will also need to know when we talk about where to place WiFi extender in 2-story house then we also tell you that does not to locate your extender device near the metal appliances because they emit radio waves. When you locate your extender near an electronic device you can face the slow speed of the internet. Electronic appliances, such as microwaves, refrigerators, cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Apart from that gadgets fish tanks, mirrors, and aluminium studs can also interfere with the WiFi signals. Hence, to enjoy the fast speed of the internet in the 2-story house we suggest you do not locate or settle your extender and router device near these objects.

Gap Between Brostrend Extender And Router

Due to the maximum gap between the router and the extender you can face slow internet speed issues. The signal from the router can be blocked by walls, floors, and other obstacles, which can weaken the signal. Therefore, it is recommended to place the Brostrend extender within the range of the router.

Electrical Outlets

Most WiFi range extenders are required to settle the power plug in the electrical socket. When you pick the location of your extender, then make sure that there is an outlet nearby. This can help ensure a stable power supply and optimal performance. Ideally, the extender should not be plugged into a power strip or surge protector.

App Assistance

Every WiFi router or range extender comes with its own mobile application that assists users to perform a wide range of functions smoothly. This app can also help find the best place to settle your WiFi system in your two-story building. You will possibly find a feature in the app that will be dedicated to navigating the best location to place your WiFi router or extender. This feature could be available under the tag like “Find a Location to Place the Router/Extender” or “Navigate the Router/Extender Location.” There could be some other tags as well, depending on the app you are using. App assistance comes with a navigation feature that helps you to find the best location for your extender in a 2-story house. As you know with the help of the app assistance you can also do the Brostrend WiFi extender setup process.

To find the best place to settle your Router/Extender, you first need to download the app on your phone. You then need to locate the “Find the Best Location for Router/Extender” option and then simply follow the on-screen instructions. In this way, you will be able to find the most ideal place to settle your WiFi system.

As of now, after the study of this page now you will be able to know the best place to put WiFi extender in 2-story house.

With the help of this page now you will be able to know where to place WiFi extender in 2-story house to get a strong WiFi signal in all directions of the house and enjoy the fast internet speed. If you have any query in your mind then discuss it with our team experts.