What is a Brostrend WiFi Extender And How To Set it up?

Are you planning to purchase a new Brostrend WiFi Extender? Or, do you already have a Brostrend WiFi extender but don’t know about its setup? In either case, this article will be beneficial for you.

What does Brostrend WiFi Extender do?

First, we will talk about the Brostrend range extender and how it may be helpful to you. In simple words, the Brostrend WiFi extender is a one-plug wireless extender device that has adjustable antennas. In addition, it supports a dual-band of WiFi.

This device is a perfect way to give a good WiFi signal strength anywhere in your home. It is an excellent choice for multi-floor houses or buildings with WiFi needs on multiple levels.

Setup Of Brostrend WiFi Extender

All of you now know all about what a Brostrend extender is. Now we tell you how to set up your Brostrend WiFi extender at home or in the office to extend the range of the network. Let’s start the setup process.

  • First, to start this process you require an SSID or password of your router.
  • Then, you need to plug in your device to a power outlet.
  • After the above step, open any web browser on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Search for the default IP address by typing re.Brostrend.com.
  • Further, enter or type in your username and password for login.
  • After this, the device will be able to scan any WiFi network accessible.
  • Out of available WiFi networks, choose your main WiFi network.
  • At last, follow all the further guidelines on the page.
  • Wait till you see this message – “The Extender is connected to the router’s WiFi network and is ready to use.”

Setup Brostrend Extender Via WPS

If you want to connect your extender to the main router then the most simple way to do so is using the WPS button.  But for this, it is compulsory that your router should also have a WPS button. If not, then change your old router to a new router. Follow these steps for the Brostrend extender setup with the router via WPS:

  • Press the WPS button on your existing router for just 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Then press the WPS button of the Brostrend extender within 2 minutes.
  • When the light of the WPS starts blinking it means that your extender is trying to connect with your existing router.
  • Once, when the light of the signal LED comes into solid blue, it means the Brostrend extender has established a good connection with your existing main router.
  • If the light of the signal is red then it means that the extender is far away from your router.
  • Move your gadget closer to the router and examine the signal LED.
  • You should place your extender at a central location between your existing router and the place where you want to cover the WiFi signals.
  • After the successful connection, you can use your extender anywhere under the range.
  • Now, you can connect your mobile, laptop, computer, etc to the extender’s network.

Connect Your Extender To Router Automatically

If the above WPS method does not work, then you can also log in to the unit manually. Use the given steps for this purpose:

  • Firstly plug in the device to the power socket to start it up.
  • On your mobile or laptop, tap on the WiFi icon.
  • Connect it with the Brostrend extender’s network.
  • Thereafter, open a Web browser and write the IP address in the address bar. Hit the enter key, thereafter.
  • After that, you’ll have to create a password.
  • Next, choose your WiFi router’s wireless network.
  • In this step, type in your router’s WiFi password.
  • As a result, it will show that the extender is ready to use.

Now, below is the list of specifications and features that you must know about Brostrend WiFi extenders.

Brostrend WiFi Extenders Specifications And Features

The Brostrend WiFi extender removes all the frustrations which comes with poor WiFi connection. This extender helps in extending your WiFi range and thus lets you connect to WiFi in zones that were WiFi dead spots prior to the Brostrend extender setup.

In terms of specifications, Brostrend WiFi extender have a number of things:

1. Performance

Brostrend WiFi extender is a dual-band, which means it can extend both 2.4 WiFi or 5GHz WiFi network. You can also combine both of them into a unified LAN. Brostrend WiFi extender works best with the latest Realtek WiFi chip of Brostrend WiFi adapter. Moreover, the Brostrend WiFi extender comes with a processor of 1Ghz and we can move it up to 300Mbps in 2.4Ghz mode. Not only that, you can accelerate up to 867Mbps in the 5Ghz band. It also has an impressive rating of AC1200 Brostrend extender.

2. Features In Brostrend WiFi Extender

Brostrend WiFi extenders remove all the dead spots from home by improving your router’s WiFi range and extending the coverage area. The best feature of the WiFi extender includes extensive coverage. This WiFi extender Boosts your WiFi coverage area up to 1300sq. Feet. In addition, it supports up to 20 devices at the same time. The extender receives the information from one band and transfers it to the other band.

3. Warranty Or Support

Brostrend WiFi extender is the best out of the best device which comes with a one-year warranty or service guarantee. So, don’t worry when you are facing a minor problem you don’t pay any fees for at least one year. Brostrend WiFi extender available quick services 24×7. When you are facing any issue you can solve your problem. Brostrend’s website re.Brostrend.com gives much information on troubleshooting.


Now, you know all about the Brostrend extender and how to set it up at home or in the office. If you are still having any doubts regarding this then you feel free to contact us. Stay tuned for such posts.