Troubleshoot WiFi Error With Brostrend Extender Setup

Are you facing WiFi connection errors? You can actually troubleshoot these errors simply by performing the extender setup steps. Users usually don’t have the idea of setup. No worries, we are here with many tips on the brostrend extender setup.

Troubleshoot Brostrend extender setup Errors

If the wifi is constantly dropping the connection, there might be a problem with the extender or the device. So simply power cycling can easily help. But for a complete setup just read the post.

What Type of Solutions We Are Up With

  • Extender Placement
  • Power cycling
  • Malware
  • IP Address
  • Over heating
  • Firmware updation

Look above on the points, on the same we are going to give you a full description.

Brostrend extender Setup with WPS

WPS is the Easiest Setup, as there are no hard steps we need to do for this.

  1. To begin with, hold on the WPS button on the router to pair up the functions. The LED lights will change.
  2. Then, press the WPS button on the extender as well within 1-2 minutes.
  3. As a result, wait for the successful LED Lights. On the WiFi extender. The initial setup completes here.

Restart the Device

Resuming your device once is just an easy step. As soon as you press  the restart button on your extender,  restore your extender back to the factory default. You can easily get back to the services.

  • Please wait as the power LED light turns solid blue. The restart process will take around 30-40 seconds.
  • Once you get connected to The wi-fi device, connect to your extender Default network name. For example- Brostrend Ext, As initially there is no need of wifi password to connect, after you get in connection to the extender. Use the web address of the Brostrend.
  • In the beginning of your first login you can choose your admin and password.
  • In addition you get login then, choose the proximate names of the WiFi of your existing router and then set up SSID and password.
  • The most common and the easiest way to know the strong connection is the color of your signal LED on your extender.
  • As a result your Brostrend extender will successfully be installed by this process.

However this was the easy-peasy setup method but if you still have any issue. In addition,  if you find the setup difficult then you can easily login into the portal of and set up the credentials.

Extender is Crashing during Brostrend extender setup

There are several possible causes for your router to crash. Just like there are for any other piece of gear. Here are a few possible explanations:

Run-Of-The-Mill Crashes

As with a computer, your extender can crash because of bugs in the firmware eating too much memory or causing a kernel panic.

IP Address Conflicts

There are two IP addresses of your router at the same time. As one of them is public and the other one is private. If at the same time both your devices will use the same IP address, there might be network breakage for sure. Restart your extender and reset your assignment password again, these things can help start work again. If you still don’t get the point of how to set the password, you can follow the brostrend Wifi extender setup steps. Restart your extender and reset your assignment password again, these things can as well help to start over.

Tips That May Lead To Resolve The Issues

Update Firewire

When your computer controls bugs, the software solution is fixed. As goes the same with your router, it has to be updated. You update your extender, if you don’t have any knowledge regarding this, then you can search on and follow the steps. It is not a time taking process. You just open the web browser then type your extender IP address and find the update button. If in any case, your documentation crashes, hopefully, your firmware will fix it. Give it a shot.

Check The Overheating

Overheating may lead to crashing the extender. If both the router and extender are facing this problem then, unplug your devices and wait for cooling. As your PC has vents, so is the case with the router as well. Make sure they are not blocked. Consider using compressed air to clear out your extender if it’s covered with dust.


We Hope this blog post was informative as we have given tips according to your relevant search. We try to conclude the information by two parameters like one is the problem and the second one is the solution part.