How To Set Up Brostrend WiFi Extender As Access Point Mode

Are you searching for information on the brostrend extender setup as AP mode? If your answer is yes, then you need to follow login steps. In this blog, we will give you some technician’s guidance. The following guide will help you in this process.Please review how to reset the Brostrend WiFi extender before configuring the extender in the Access Point mode.

Press the reset button on your Brostrend WiFi extender with the help of a pin and let go when the power LED light of your WiFi extender glows solid green. The power LED light can return to its original solid blue state once the signals, WPS, and power LEDs all blink once simultaneously. This proves that you were successful in restoring your WiFi extender’s factory preset settings.

  • To set up this WiFi range extender, make a use of an ethernet cable to join ethernet port of extender to ethernet port of computer and log in to the device’s web administration interface at You can connect to this WiFi range extender using the WiFi on your computer, smartphone, or tablet if you don’t want to set up using an ethernet wire. Now open your web browser and login to the web administration interface to configure your Brostrend WiFi extender after linking it to the default network “Brostrend _EXT”. No security requirement to connect with this network.
  • Use the simple web portal, then you should create a password for login. Keep in mind that this is the password to access the online management interface of your Brostrend repeater and it’s not a WiFi password for linking to your extender.
  • Now, choose Access Point mode after clicking the quick mode. For this WiFi repeater in the Access Point mode, you also need to set credentials. After that, click on the done and then wait for 30 seconds. There are 2 wireless networks set up in Access Point mode.
  • You may now use the Brostrend E1 WiFi networks by plugging the extender into the electrical outlet and connecting it with an Ethernet wire to the Ethernet port that has access to the Internet.

Setup Your Brostrend WiFi Extender via

Try using http:/ if you are unable to set up your extender using the WPS button. Please push the restart button on your extender with a needle to restore the factory defaults. If not, avoid these steps.

  • Please wait a few seconds for the power LED to start up the solid blue light procedure.
  • You can use the laptop, connect to the default network of your Brostrend extender. There is no need for a WiFi password for the connection. Once, you link to the extender’s network then go to this IP address
  • For the first login, you can specify the administrator and password.
  • Choose the WiFi name from the present router around by, then configure the username and password.
  • The color of your extender’s signal LED light indicates the connection between the brostrend extender and the current router.
  • Brostrend’s WiFi repeater is fully configured and ready to use.

By WPS Method Install The Brostrend WiFi Extender:

  • To begin, push the WPS button on your router for one to two seconds.
  • Put the WPS button on the Brostrend after 2 minutes.
  • When the WPS LED light blinks, then the repeater tries to connect to your router.
  • Once the signal is received, a solid blue LED light will flash. If your signal LED light glows red, it means your Brostrend WiFi extender is not close to the router.
  • If your signal is not working, then you need to reconnect your WiFi extender to the main router.
  • When the extender will install and connect, then use your wireless devices to connect to the network. The extender makes advantage of your current network name.
  • The WiFi passcode of the extender can be the same as one for one of your current devices by default.
  • You can use this with the help of your laptop and PC.

Over All

In this article, you will get the knowledge about setting up your Brostrend WiFi extender as AP mode. We hope it will help you to set up your WiFi extender. In the other case, if you are facing any problem, then you can discuss it with us.