How to Fix Brostrend WiFi Extender Not Working?

The Brostrend WiFi Extender is one of the best wireless extenders in the market. Though, sometimes it can happen that your Brostrend WiFi Extender stops working and you will not be able to access the internet from any part of your house or office because of this problem. If this happens to you then try the following steps:

First of All, Check The Power Supply

Make sure that your Brostrend extender has an adequate power supply. Press the power button on the back of the unit for around 5 seconds until the red indicator light turns green. If it doesn’t work, then reset your device back to factory settings. Press the reset button with a paperclip for about ten seconds until all lights stop blinking green or red.

Verify Your Wireless Settings

It’s a good idea to check the wireless settings on your extender. If you’re not sure what these are, don’t worry—here’s what you need to look for:

  • Make sure that your extender is set to the same network as your router.
  • If not, then there will be an error message saying “To connect with this router, press connect.” Pressing “connect” won’t do anything if they aren’t on the same network.
  • Ensure that both devices are using the same channel number and security type (if applicable).

Switch to a Different Channel

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, try switching to a different channel in your router’s settings. In case, you cannot find the option to change channels, contact your router manufacturer. If your router does not have a channel option, try using the default channel.

Move the Extender to Solve Brostrend WiFi Extender Not Working

If the above tips didn’t work, the next step is to move the extender to a new location. This can be anywhere in your home or office as long as it’s near your router. Just make sure to place the extender away from other electronics, as well as metal enclosures.

Update the Firmware of Your WiFi Extender

You might think that updating your firmware doesn’t fix anything because you already did this a long time ago. But that is not the case. Firmware is like the software on which your extender operates. It is crucial to update the firmware of the extender from time to time to ensure the proper functioning of the device. Moreover, outdated firmware most of the time results in errors like “Brostrend WiFi Extender not working”.

Reasons Behind Why Brostrend WiFi Extender Not Working

Brostrend WiFi range extender is a great device that can bring the internet closer to your home. However, it may not always be able to perform as expected. Here are some common issues that might cause your WiFi extender not to connect to the internet:

Fault in WiFi extender’s  Configuration

Check that the WiFi extender is in range of your router or switch and that there are no other access points nearby (apart from yours) interfering with it. If there are other access points nearby, move your wireless repeater closer to your wireless router or switch until you can connect to it again. Additionally, check the power source and the connection of the WiFi extender with the router.

Router and Extender on the Same Channel

If your router is using 5 GHz and your extender is using 2.4 GHz, you may not get the best results. The signal of the 5GHz band travels farther than that of the 2.4GHz band, which means that it can interfere with other devices on the same frequency (channel). For example, if you have a wireless printer or security camera near your router then there might be interference from its signals as well.

If you want to connect with these devices in addition to getting strong WiFi coverage throughout your house then consider setting up another network altogether for them and place them far away from your main network so that interference does not occur between them.

Inappropriate Position of Extender

The placement of the extender is also important. It needs to be in a central location near your router. If you place it too far away from your router, there may be too many walls for the signal to travel through. On top of that, if you place it close to other electronics such as televisions and microwaves, this can cause interference with the WiFi signal and result in poor performance or no connection at all.

Password Mismatch Error

  • Your device might be having issues with the password of your WiFi router.
  • The password is case-sensitive and must have at least 8 characters to be accepted by the network.
  • The password should consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, as well as upper-case and lower-case letters, which means that you need to check if this is what you entered when setting up your range extender device or not!
  • If these two devices have different passwords then they will not connect together properly so try changing their passwords first before reconnecting them again (this may vary depending on their settings).


If, after trying all these steps, your Brostrend WiFi Extender is still not working, it’s time to contact the manufacturer and see if they can help you out. Feel free to comment below your specific issues if you want our advice or more troubleshooting tips.