How Rebooting Can Solve Brostrend WiFi Extender Setup Issues

Brostrend extender is an essential device that expands your network coverage. With this extender, you get a network at hard-to-reach places after proper brostrend wifi extender setup. But sometimes your extender doesn’t work properly then restarting is the solution to resume your work. Below, we are discussing the rebooting steps which will help you improve the extender issues.

Extender Work As A Computer

Your extender is working like a computer. It comes in a small plastic box, CPU memory, local memory, and all operating systems like a computer. So that it can go wrong from time to time. The bug can leak the memory, the CPU goes overheating and maybe a full-blown kernel panic has taken down the entire system.

What is the simplest way to fix this problem is to turn off the computer and turn it on again. However, this is just one solution but maybe there can be another issue that most people ignore. Restarting is the short-term solution, it doesn’t fix the problem systematically.

Do We Need To Wait For 10 Seconds?

Why do we need to wait for 10 to 30 seconds after unplugging the device? Well, we do this only to see the indicator light stay for a few seconds.

Capacitors, which are essentially little batteries, are widely used in the majority of electronics. If you’ve ever disassembled a computer or other device, you’ve probably seen these before. It does store a lot of energy, but can at times have just enough to keep a memory chip running for a few seconds.

After 10 seconds ensure that a bit of memory is clear and every capacitor is fully drained. The last must be attentive to resetting the extender and adding things that can cause the crash in the first place. You can check all details about the extender on

We know there are many reasons to restart your extender. We can’t solve extender problems within 10 seconds. So, if you troubleshoot any new issue, then it makes a difference between working and not working time.

The Major Cause Of Crashing Extender

There are several possible causes for your router to crash. Just like there are for any other piece of gear. Here are a few possible explanations:

Run-Of-The-Mill Crashes

As with a computer, your extender can crash because of bugs in the firmware eating too much memory or causing a kernel panic.

IP Address Conflicts

Your router manages two IP addresses at the same time. One is public and the second is private. If your two devices use the same IP address, your network must break. Restart your extender and reset your assignment password again, these things can help start work again. if you don’t have the knowledge of how to set the password, you can follow the brostrend Wifi extender setup steps. Restart your extender and reset your assignment password again, these things can help start work again.


Your router can overheat, as a computer. If you locate your router enclosed space and hide the view, it may crash.

Tips That May Help You To Resolve The Problems

Update Firewire

When your computer controls bugs, the software solution is fixed. As goes the same with your router, it has to be updated. You update your extender, if you don’t have any knowledge regarding this, then you can search on and follow the steps. It is not a time taking process. You just open the web browser then type your extender IP address and find the update button. If in any case, your documentation crashes, hopefully, your firmware will fix it. Give it a shot.

Check The Overheating

An extender can crash because of overheating. If the router and extender face the same problem, unplug your devices and wait for cooling. Like your PC, your router probably has vents. Make sure they are not blocked. Consider using compressed air to clear out your extender if it’s covered with dust.


The extender is the most important component of the wireless network. Only 10 seconds are not worth it to solve extender issues. So, go to and follow the troubleshooting and setup steps to get a high-speed network in your house and workplace.