Get The Brostrend Extender Optimized Working

Getting slow and weak internet signals even after installing the Brostrend WiFi extender? No worries, as this can be common to face this situation sometimes. There are multiple reasons and points behind this that you might be ignoring continuously. But, we are here to help you out with some useful resolving tips that you can try out to get things clear shortly and easily. So, keep going on to this blog.

Place The Extender Ideally

Before moving to the advanced options, let’s apply the easy one first. Choose the optimal location for the extender, in fact, reduce the distance between the extender and the existing router if that is too much. Doing so will allow both devices to remain connected with more stability. Even, try placing the extender at the center of your place so that it will amplify the signals in every other part of the house.

Also, choose a location where there are not any electrical or metallic things that can absorb and cause signal interference. In simple words, it is advisable to keep the extender and router closer while doing the setup. But, you can relocate the extender to another place keeping it within the range of the router.

Changes In Advanced Settings

In the next step, modify the Brostrend WiFi extender’s advanced wireless settings. To do this, access the extender’s web-based management page on any web browser. Then, go to the wireless settings and check the bandwidth channels, and the frequency bands as well. Swap the extender’s channel as some users might be using the same ones in your vicinity. Make sure the frequency bands on which the extender is running currently are active and working well.

Logout Unauthorized Users

From the same management portal, you can check the number of devices that are connected to the network right now. If you find any external, then try removing them from the extender. To do this, alter and set a new password for the network from its security option. Doing so will log out those external devices from your own network.

Also, keep in mind some useful points while doing this. Such as adding some special and numeric characters in the new password. Which will make it hard to guess and make the network more secure as well. However, it is advisable to change the SSID network name and password often to avoid hackers and unwanted usage.

Try Making The Wired Connections

Maybe you are not aware of this step, but connecting the device using an ethernet wire can help you to get stable signals. But, the condition is that the ethernet wire must be working well and the latest too. As the wireless network sometimes delivers signals interrupted due to obstructions from your house appliances. In this case, making the wired connections will be reliable for your devices to avoid signal interference. But, the ethernet ports of the device and extender must be in working condition so that there will be better signal transfer.

Keep Extender Software Updated

Keeping your extender’s firmware updated means getting the optimized performance every time. It is really necessary to do the firmware update periodically. For this purpose, access the extender’s web management page again and check for the updates there. Download that on your networked PC and save it somewhere safe. But, make sure the file you downloaded must be the latest, faultless, and of the exact extender model also. Afterward, do the firmware update process on the same page and reboot the extender last. Now, connect your device to the network again and enjoy the optimized performance of the network.

Reset The Brostrend Extender

If you are still getting sluggish internet speed even after applying these tips, then you will need to configure the extender again. Because there might be a fault in the older configured settings of the extender. To do this, choose any process from the hard and soft reset procedures and delete the current settings. For the soft reset process, visit the network management portal and choose the factory reset option from there. In this way, the Brostrend WiFi extender will turn to its actual default state.

On the other hand, use the reset button from the extender’s panel. Press and hold it till the process begins and the LED starts blinking. Wait for a few minutes as the completion of this process will take some time. Once the extender is reset, configure it again using its WPS function or through the web-based setup portal. But, keep in mind to take and note down the extender’s configuration details before doing the reset process.

Now, we can safely hope that these points will surely help you to get the extender’s better performance every time. In case you find this information insufficient, then try getting in touch with our Technical Experts Team for more guidance. Doing so will enable you to enjoy the extended network efficiently.