Defining The Brostrend Extender Setup Process

Are you thinking of purchasing a new Brostrend WiFi extender gadget? Or in case, you already have a Brostrend extender gadget but don’t know how to do the Brostrend extender setup, this post will be beneficial for you.

What Is Brostrend WiFi Extender And How Does It Work?

In simple words, the Brostrend WiFi extender is a wireless WiFi device’s network range extender that improves the overall performance of your existing wireless device. It is a one-plug WiFi gadget that has adjustable antennas and many other features. In addition to this, it supports dual-band WiFi. This is the perfect way to get a strong WiFi signal in all corners of offices and houses.

Benefits Of Brostrend WiFi Range Extender

  • The Brostrend extender setup and login process are simple.
  • It eliminates all dead spots within your space.
  • Brostrend extender supports the 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual frequency bands for faster speeds.
  • It is an easy-to-install device.
  • It is compatible with all types of routers.
  • It is available in an affordable price range.
  • Users can utilise this device for both home and office purposes.
  • It has a compact and sleek design that makes it an easily portable device.

How To Login Into Brostrend Range Extender

As all of you know without doing the login method, you can’t do the Brostrend extender setup process. Read the below steps to do the Brostrend extender login process. 

  • First, place the Brostrend extender power plug into a wall socket.
  • Now, with the help of an ethernet cable, connect your computer or laptop to the brostrend extender network.
  • After that, open chrome and enter the web address in the HTML search bar.
  • Next, write all the relevant details such as username and security password.
  • Hence, you will successfully visit the Brostrend extender web management page.

How To Perform Brostrend Extender Setup

There are two methods to do the installation process of the Brostrend extender. See the lower steps to do the configuration process.

By WPS Button

If you want to link your Brostrend extender host router by the WPS button then make sure that your existing router must support the WPS button. If your existing router gadget does not support the WPS button then don’t waste your necessary time on this method. Try another method.

  • Initially, settle the Brostrend WiFi extender power plug in a power socket.
  • After that, make sure the extender and router must be closer to each other.
  • Now, press the Brostrend extender WPS button, or within two minutes press the router WiFi protected system button.
  • Next, the WPS LED starts blinking solid.
  • As a result, the Brostrend extender and host router successfully linked with each other.

Note: After the successful connection, you can relocate your extender to a place where you are facing slow speed of the internet. Now, you will enjoy the Brostrend extender network on your mobile, phone, computer, laptop, etc.

Automatically Pair Brostrend Extender To Host Router

If you fail to connect the extender to the router after trying the WPS method, then consider the below steps to do another method.

  • Initially settle the extender power plug in a wall socket and power it on.
  • Now, on your mobile phone or computer, hit on the WiFi icon.
  • Next, link it with the brostrend extender network.
  • After that, launch a navigation and enter the brostrend extender IP address.
  • After this, you will need to create a WiFi password.
  • Further, select your WiFi router network and fill in the router WiFi security password.
  • As a result, after the Brostrend extender setup, you can enjoy the benefits of this device.

Fix Brostrend Extender Setup Issues

After doing the brostrend range extender setup if your extender does not work properly then follow the lower solution tips to fix them,

Change Brostrend Extender And Router Placement

Due to improper placement of the gadget, you can face issues with your Brostrend extender device. We suggest you locate your near existing router. Also, make sure not to locate your extender and router gadget near the metal appliance because they absorb the WiFi signals which come from the extender and router device. The central location of your house is the best placement for getting a strong WiFi signal in all the corners of the house.

Upgrade Brostrend Range Extender Firmware

Due to outdated firmware, your brostrend range extender does not work perfectly. Follow the lower steps to improve the Brostrend range extender firmware,

  • First, open the Brostrend extender web management page.
  • Now, look for an administration option and then tap on the software upgrade option.
  • After that, download the latest firmware file on your laptop or your computer.

After doing this, the Brostrend range extender issue is solved. If yes, start the brostrend extender setup process and if not, then try another method.

Reset Brostrend WiFi Range Extender

The reset hole button is located at the back side of the Brostrend extender device.

  • By paper clip, press the Brostrend extender reset hole button.
  • Make sure you don’t push the reset button with pressure.
  • After that, all the brostrend extender LEDs will turn off.
  • Therefore, it means the Brostrend extender device is now completely reset.

Note: After doing the reset method, you will need to do the Brostrend extender setup again.

Lastly, reading this Brostrend extender setup post may have provided you with the required solutions. If you still have any queries in your mind then contact our Brostrend extender technical support team. They will certainly assist you with the best possible solutions.