Brostrend WiFi Extender Technology Features

Undoubtedly, doing the Brostrend WiFi extender setup at your place means getting a number of cutting-edge technology features. Which includes wireless connectivity, powerful security encryption, universal compatibility, and many more. So, if you are planning to have this device at your house or office, read out this blog once to get to know all Brostrend wifi extender features.

Brostrend WiFi Extender Product Overview

This tiny and compact extender is capable of delivering robust performance due to its dual-frequency bands and high-power antennas. Those external antennas on the extender make the internet coverage with a better connectivity process possible. Whereas, those dual bands allow the extender to provide the fastest internet speed of up to 1200 Mbps.

Talking about its overview, it has a WPS, reset, and power button on its front panel. Through its WPS button, you will be able to set up the extender in less time and effort without using any web browser and login details. The reset button will help you to troubleshoot the errors from the router’s working. For connectivity purposes, there will be ethernet ports by which you can make wired connections.

Better Connectivity For Devices

Apart from having ethernet ports for wired connections, you can attach more WiFi devices using the wireless network. As you configure the extender, its network will start appearing in the wireless network list to which you can attach your device using its password only. The interesting fact is that you can connect a number of devices to the network including laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, CCTV, refrigerators, and many more. Luckily, due to its best compatibility, all of your networked devices will keep getting internet signals at the same time with the same connection strength. Clearly, no matter at what distance your device is, it will remain connected every time to the network.

Two-Tap Easy Installation Process

Planning to buy the Brostrend extender but worrying to set it up being a non-technical person? Be worry-free as this can be done using its WPS two-tap setup process. Interestingly, this extender contains a WPS function that can be connected to every other brand of router. Make sure your router’s WPS button is working well so that you can attach both together by just pressing those buttons for a few seconds. Also, the solid WPS light on the extender will keep notifying you that the connection is going smoothly.

Latest Security Encryption

After completing the Brostrend WiFi extender setup process, it is critically important to keep it secure and prevent unauthorized users. That you can do this by changing the SSID network name and setting up a strong password. Fortunately, the web management portal of the extender will allow you to do that. From the same page, you can manage the network wireless settings and activate its newest security encryption such as WPA2 and WPA3. Doing so will allow you to have limited users on your extender’s network and avoid hackers.

Fits Any Place

It really does not matter, in which design your house is built or how much larger your office is, this extender can fit every place. In fact, it can eliminate the WiFi dead spots from every corner of your place. Whether it is your garage, balcony, or the top floor of your office, there will be stable and strong internet signals delivered from the extender. All you only have to do is place the extender at the center of your place after configuring it so that there will be internet signals throughout every nook and corner.

Troubleshoot The Extender Errors By One Method

There will be definitely no error in the extender’s working unless or until there is any fault in its configured settings. But, you can resolve that issue effortlessly by just pressing only one button from its panel which is its reset button. In any case, if you face any non-ideal LED color on its panel continuously, then you can choose to reset the extender. You will require to press it for a few seconds and the reset process will be completed in this way. Thereafter, you will need to configure it again and the issue will be resolved for sure.

Improvement In Performance

To let the extender perform at its optimized condition, you can move out its external antennas from a different direction. Which will then start covering the no-signal places. More than that, you can easily enhance its working by only updating its firmware from the web management portal. Doing so will enable the extender to remove its bugs, making the performance smooth and increasing the internet speed. But, the condition is that you have to verify the firmware file which must be faultless, exact to your extender model, and the latest as well.

Thus, these are the points that will surely let you rely on the Brostrend WiFi extender features for your house or office. Go to these points separately and buy the extender without thinking more. Lastly, set it up by getting proper setup guidance from our technical experts. Simply get in touch with them to get more details or help with the product.