Brostrend Extender Work Slow? Improve It!

Installed the Brostrend wifi extender with the router but still getting sluggish internet speed? Or are you not able to recognize the error and solve the issues on your own? Don’t worry as these issues are usually common and can be resolved by applying some solving tips. So, make use of these useful points that might work for your extender’s issues.

Remove Technical Error

The first reason behind the extender’s malfunctioning is there can be any technical error in the extender. So, to remove this issue, just power cycle the device and plug it in again after some time. Meanwhile, remove the existing router from the power socket and disconnect your devices from the network.

Also, check whether the extender is overheating or not. If it is, then it means there is over usage of the extender which is why it starts misbehaving. After some time, plug and connect the extender again and attach your device to it to check the performance now.

Check Configured Settings

To let the extender work in its best state, configuring the extender in the right way is a crucial point. So, make sure you configured the extender by using its default login credentials, web, or IP address appropriately. Check and make sure both frequency bands are active and the extender is using the right bandwidth channels. More than that, verify the networked devices that are currently connected to the extender. If there is any fault in the settings, reconfigure the device.

Reconfigure The Extender

To install the Brostrend WiFi extender again, choose its reset function to discard the older settings. To reset the device, find the reset button on the extender’s panel and push it till the LED starts blinking. Once you show the blinking light, leave the extender and let it complete the process.

After completing this process, follow any configuration method to make the extender ready to use. Visit the extender’s web-based setup portal to configure and manage the extender. Alternatively, use the WPS button of the extender and router to make a connection easily and shortly.

Check The Router Working

If you are still facing the slow speed of the internet, then there might be a problem with the host router. In this case, contact your ISP and verify the internet plan on which the router is working right now. Ensure that it is active or you must update it if there is any excessive requirement for the internet. Moreover, if the problem in the router still persists, then replace it with a new one. Which must be enriched with advanced technology features and compatible with the WPS function.

Signals From Router

In this situation, ensure that your extender is getting enough signals from the router. The extender must not be too far from the router and the connected devices. So, choose the best location for the extender, instead place it at the center of your house. Additionally, there must be enough distance between the extender and home appliances. As these items can interfere with the extender signals. These items include refrigerators, Bluetooth devices, ovens, and cordless phones.

Remove Extra Gadgets

The over usage of the network will surely make the extender signals weak. So, discard the connections between the network and those devices which are not in use currently. However, while checking the networked device list, if there is any external or unwanted, remove that also. To disconnect that, change the network SSID password from the web-based management portal. Once you do that, all the external devices will be logged out of the network. Clearly, you must change the network password and SSID name often to keep the network secure.

Upgrade Extender Firmware

The last and another foolproof method to fix the extender’s slow working is to upgrade and make the firmware file the latest. As the latest software version will allow the extender to provide its optimized performance every time.

  • Visit the extender’s web-based setup portal on your connected PC.
  • But, disconnect other devices from the extender to perform the process trouble-free.
  • Check for the extender’s firmware updates according to your extender model.
  • Next, tap on the firmware update option and upload the file from your PC.
  • Begin the updating process after clicking on the option and wait till the PC completes the process.
  • After doing this, reboot the extender and connect your devices to it finally.

Thus, implementing these troubleshooting tips will enable the extender to work as it should. Your devices will remain connected and get the fastest signals with more stability. If there is any obstruction you face while using the network, then immediately get in touch with our technical support experts. Drop your questions at or direct talk with technicians at +1-408-477-8750.