Quick Brostrend AC1200 WiFi Range Extender Setup Steps

The installation process of the Brostrend WiFi range extender is a five-minute task. Users can try the three methods to do the Brostrend AC1200 setup by web UI, access point, or the WiFi-protected system button. Prior to beginning the Brostrend extender configuration process first you will need to know the specification of the Wavlink extender LED.

Specification Of Brostrend Extender LEDs

On your Wavlink extender, you can see the three types of LEDs.

Power LED:

When you settle the brostrend extender device in a power socket, the power LED determines that your extender device is starting up. If the Brostrend extender power LED turns solid blue then it means your Brostrend extender device is perfectly turned on.

Note: If the power LED of the Brostrend extender does not blink solid then it means your extender is not perfectly connected to a wall socket.

WiFi Protected System LED:

The WPS LED starts blinking when you are doing this method. When WPS LED blinks solid then it means your Brostrend extender WPS connection is successfully done. In case the WPS LED does not blink stable then it means the WPS function of the Brostrend extender is disabled.

Signal LED:

If the signal LED of the Brostrend range extender turns solid blue then it means your Brotrend range extender successfully links with the host router and settlement of the Brostrend extender is perfect. In case you see a red signal LED on your Brostrend extender device then it means your extender is so far away from the existing router.

Benefits Of Brostrend Range Extender

  • Extend the coverage area of existing router WiFi signals.
  • The installation process of the brostrend extender is so easy, you can do the configuration process by yourself in less time.
  • Connect with any host router, by pressing the WPS button.

Visit Brostrend Extender Login Page

  • First, in an electrical socket settle the Brostrend WiFi range extender power plug.
  • Now, by an ethernet cable, join your laptop to the brostrend range extender network.
  • After that, open chrome and enter the re.brostrend.com web address in the HTML search bar.
  • Next, write all the relevant details such as username and security password.
  • Hence, you will successfully visit the Brostrend extender web management page.

By doing the Brostrend extender login process you will easily do the Brostrend AC1200 setup process.

By Access Point Mode- Configure Brostrend Extender

  • First, by an ethernet cable connect your extender to the host router. (Make sure that the wire must be of the best quality)
  • After that, go to the Brostrend extender web management page by filling in the re.brostrend.com web address.
  • Now, from the menu select the mode option.
  • In the end, write the SSID and security password.

After using this configuration method you will be able to do the Brostrend AC1200 setup.

Extend Router WiFi Signal Range- By Web UI Method

  • To start with, turn on your Brostrend range extender device.
  • Now, near the main router, settle the Brostrend range extender power plug.
  • Next, grab a WiFi gadget and link it with the Brostrend extender network by the network cable. Make sure during this process the mobile data feature must be disabled.
  • Further, open the search engine and enter the web address re.brostrend.com in the URL bar.
  • After that, for lateral use create a strong WiFi security password.
  • Select the WiFi network that you want to extend and fill in the password that you created earlier.
  • In the end, wait for a few minutes to see the extender successfully connected message on your screen.

By WPS Button- Pair Brostrend Extender To Router

  • First, make sure the extender must be closer to the main router.
  • After that, press the WPS button of the Brostrend WiFi range extender.
  • Then inside in short while press the main router WPS button.
  • Now, the solid blue LED starts flashing on both the extender and router gadget.

As a result, it means the Brostrend AC1200 setup with the router is successfully done after trying all the above-mentioned three methods.

Tip: After the Brostrend AC1200 setup if you are facing an issue then read the lower tips to fix the Brostrend extender issue.

  • Change the placement of your Brostrend WiFi range extender.
  • Verify all network cable connections.
  • The gap between the extender and the router should not be maximum.
  • Upgrade the Brostrend range extender software.
  • Reset Brostrend AC1200 range extender device.

Note: After doing the reset method, you will need to do the Brostrend AC1200 setup process again.

We expect with the help of this page you will learn a lot of knowledge about the Brostrend AC1200 extender device. Reach out to our Brostrend experts if you are facing any kind of issue. Thank you, and have a nice day.