Brostrend AC1200 Configuration

The Brostrend AC1200 setup is a high-speed WiFi adapter that offers fast and reliable internet connectivity. Interestingly, this device is compatible with a range of devices including laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles. The interesting fact is that it will allow you to connect up to 20 devices to the network. So, to use this device for the first time, read out the details here.

Set Up Brostrend AC1200 Extender

As you unbox the AC1200 device, take out the extender, cables, and a manual guide from the box. Then, set the device together and plug it into a power socket. Here, you can use the cables in case you want to make a wired connection to get signals with more stability. Once the device becomes ready for the configuration process, take the next step.

Connect Your Device To The Network

When you are done with the network-making process, take your device and connect it to the extender network. Use an ethernet wire if you want to make a wired connection. Alternatively, select the network from the wireless network list for a wireless connection. Enter the SSID network password in the field in an accurate manner and click on the Connect option.

Access The Login Portal

After connecting your device to the network, open any web browser and search for the default web or IP address. Enter anyone from both in the search field and click enter. As a result, the login window will appear on the screen immediately. On the next page, fill in the sign-in credentials and click Sign-In to complete the login process. Here, you can take the login and other details of the product from the extender manual guide.

Configure Brostrend AC1200 Setup

The next step of the installation process is to execute the Brostrend AC1200 setup method on the web browser. In this step, begin the setup process after logging in to the extender. From there, you can choose to create a new account and SSID network. Also, don’t skip making a strong password for the new network.

Change The Password Often

To keep your extender network unique always from the other networks, change the SSID network name often. More than that, try changing the password as well. Doing so will help you to avoid the network from external and unwanted users. As weak security can cause others to join the network by guessing its password. In addition, try adding some special and capital letters in the password to make it hard to guess.

Relocate The Extender

To get optimized internet signals and speed every time keep in mind to locate the extender at its best place. It should be not too far or too close to the router, instead, try placing it at the center of your place. So that, it can amplify signals throughout every nook and corner. Another point is that don’t let the extender comes in touch with those objects which absorb and interrupts extender signals. Those items include refrigerators, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwaves, and so on.

Testing The Connection

After accessing the extender, it is mandatory to check its performance and work to get to know whether it is amplifying signals perfectly or not. To do this, open any speed testing site and click on the Run Speed Test button. Wait for a few seconds as this process will take some time to complete. Later, verify the speed if it is not delivering optimal speed then apply some solutions.

Update The Extender Software

To improve the extender’s performance and speed, make its software the latest. As the latest software version will help the extender to work as it should. To perform this approach, download the latest firmware file from the web-based setup page accordingly. Later, visit the setup page again and click administration. Under that, click on the Firmware Upgrade option and upload the file that you downloaded earlier. Following this, begin the updating process, and don’t shut down the PC till it completes the process.

Configure The Extender Again

After applying the above solution, if the extender provides a sluggish internet speed, then it is recommended to configure the extender after resetting it.

  • For this process, disconnect the devices from the network first.
  • Then, find out the reset button from the extender panel.
  • Once you find that, press it softly for a short while.
  • Meanwhile, keep checking the reset button LED on the extender.
  • The blinking light will indicate to you that the process is going on.
  • Once it becomes stable, reboot the extender and follow the further step.
  • Now, configure the extender again by simply using its WPS button.
  • Alternatively, follow the configuration process from scratch by using a web browser.

We hope that these setup and troubleshooting points are sufficient for you to enjoy the extended network. If you are seeking more help for your device then, it is advisable to choose our Brostrend Technical Experts service.