A Few Things to Know About Brostrend WiFi Extender

Are you the one which is facing the setup issues? 80% of users face the same problem in the beginning. Maximum time, it is because of the access point problems. But you do not have to worry, as we have a lot of Brostrend WiFi Extender configuration tips.

What’s So Special In Brostrend Extender

You can extend the range of the WiFi networks of your house by installing the Brostrend extender in no time. With high-quality multi-users who stream about 4k videos, brostrend is one of the best extenders. It gives a speed of 867 Mbps concurrently on the 5GHz WiFi band and 300 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band which is not wrong to an ideal speed.

It Comes Along With Extended WiFi Range Antennas

Although it comes along with internal and external antennas, it becomes easy for this extender to not take much time to connect. But, if you are facing a problem because of the antenna’s dislocation. Therefore change the location of the antennas. Just change them in a perpendicular or another way to resolve the issue of the antenna’s position.

Once you adjust that, you will notice good wireless coverage throughout your house and your office where you have installed it.

Too Many Devices Must Be Causing Interference

Moreover, the Brostrend WiFi extender setup is known for its uninterrupted device connection to up to 15 devices or more, But sometimes it can cause problems because the signal strength is not accurate. Which leads to distracting the other devices to connect with the Brostrend extender.

So always check the signal’s network speed. In general, If your extender will get good signals then, simultaneously you will get 867 Mbps of speed on the 5GHz WiFi bands and 300 Mbps on the 2.4Ghz bands. As we have already said above.

Connect With Ethernet

Try to connect your WiFI device to an ethernet cable. As a result, you can easily fix your Brostrend WiFi extender setup in one take. And enjoy the high-speed internet with a huge dose of entertainment.

Access Point Mode

You can easily create a dual-band WiFi Network, by using an ethernet wire as connecting this wire to the WiFi extender can boost the signals at the same time. So, in the meantime, find an internet-enabled ethernet port in your room at your home.

Try WPS The Easiest method

  • To start with the WPS method, Press the WPS Button on the router for two to three seconds.
  • Thereafter wait to see if the LED light blinks on the extender, it means the extender is trying to connect with the router.
  • Although the indicator of a strong connection is blue light.
  • It denotes a router is transferring good signals and the booster will boost the WiFi signal easily.
  • If the LED shows red, it’s a clear indication that the router is far away from the extender.
  • You have to try the connection setup again if your extender signals are off.
  • Make sure to install the Extender halfway between the router.
  • The extender will use the WiFi Name once you will install it. To connect your WiFi device to the extender’s signal network.
  • Though the Default WiFi password of the extender and the existing router are the same.
  • You can do these settings easily by using your smartphone, computer, laptop, etc.
  • As a result, you can use it anywhere, once it gets connected in the range anywhere.

Works With Any WiFi Routers

If you want to boost the internet speed of your extender then install the 802.11ac & n/g/b/a, which gives the latest WiFi technology. This Brostrend AC1200 Extender is compatible with boosting the signals of any brand of router. Now, try to Connect your WiFi extender to any router to cut off the signal’s distraction. You can retrieve an easily extended network like this.

Change The Login Credentials

If none of the above methods work then try to change the Login ID and password. By doing this you can easily retrieve your password.

  • First, open any Web browser like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then reach the address bar or the website re.brostrend.com which is at the top of the browser, and change the Login credentials.
  • Once your wireless connection is successful here, therefore open the Web browser on your wireless device.
  • While completing the login process a window will appear on your browsing page.
  • In the end, fill in “admin” in the username port and password in the password field.

We hope the article we have given above is fully informative and the methods are helping you. But, if you are facing any error then discuss it with our technical experts. You can mail us at care@re-brostrend.net or you can directly call us at +1 408-477-8750.