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Looking for an Extender Setup for the default IP, is the default IP address for extender. In the web browser bar, enter in the window of the address bar field for logging in the Brostrend Extender Setup.

But the user faces problem whenever they try to access the extender IP address. While, they have to go through facing error messages that ‘the site you are reaching can’t be reached’. You would definitely be looking for a solution if facing the same problem right. We are here to make you aware with some good fixes which will resolve the issue altogether.

Therefore we have given the simplest way to explain whether how to access the default IP of your Brostrend extender.

To fix not working check the list

  • Check, whether the devices you have plugged in are getting the proper power supply and your extender, modem and router are getting the proper power supply.
  • Make sure the web browser you are using should be an updated one to access IP. Either update your web browser or switch to an updated one.
  • Delete the junk files clutter of the web browser cookies and caches full browsing history. It can prevent the accessing issue of the default IP.
  • If the firmware gets outdated then it might be possible that the router and extender are also running on the outdated firmware. By navigating Re.brostrend.com official site you can get it updated.
  • Place your WiFi router in the same room with the Brostrend WiFi extender Setup.
  • To cut off the signal interference you should keep all your WiFi devices away from Bluetooth devices, refrigerators, microwaves, cellular phones, metal appliances, and cellular phones.
  • Your PC should be assigned a static IP address.
ip not working

You will be able to access the default IP, as you will be following the above mentioned points. Using the default IP addresses make you familiar with above steps.

Login Extender via

By using the extender default IP you can access the Login page, continue to follow the steps:

  1. You can use an Ethernet cable or with wireless connection, you can connect your Brostrend extender to your router.
  2. Launch a web browser on your device to get access.
  3. In the default IP, enter extender default IP in the address bar of your web address.
  4. Now, press enter and you will see the Brostrend Extender Setup login page.
  5. Press login after you fill just fill the credentials of the page.

Finally! The extender login process is complete.

But if you still can’t process follow the steps

Access is taking time?

All of a sudden your IP started taking time, this problem seems serious. Well to fix you have to do Re.Brostrend.com issues, obviously you need to reset the device. Do these steps:

  1. First, power up your Brostrend extender after plugging it.
  2. Then, pin a device to get access.
  3. While, using the pin press and release the reset button.

Your Brostrend WiFi extender setup is successful. Finally, check the connectivity of your extender and enjoy super smooth WiFi.

Any way if you are still unable to help yourself, 24×7 we’re here for your help! To fix not working issue you can get in touch with our expert technicians.

To deal with Brostrend WiFi extender setup problem we have a team of highly-skilled professionals on- board which are experienced enough to deal with the issues. So, now please relax and sit back. Let us do the hard work for you.

If you are facing any issues then please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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